Senior with AR glasses does sport

The aim of the BewARe project is the development of a technically supported movement and mobility training for seniors with hypertension based on an intelligent augmented reality system. Various exercises from the training components endurance, strength, mobility and coordination will be provided and individual stress norms will be taken into account.

The planned project for the development of a sensor-supported AR system focuses on two essential aspects:

Augmented reality and sensor technology in movement, coordination and reaction training for geriatric medicine. This includes gamification approaches to increase motivation, change behaviour and strengthen resilience and persistence.

Cycle of the Adapted Movement
Trainings and the Overall System

Circuit of the adapted movement training and the overall system

Our Goals

Interaction Design in Ar for Seniors

The aim is to make the development of the interaction as intuitive as possible and to define a familiar modality in speech, gaze and gesture or touch so that the application can be operated immediately without prior knowledge.

Location- and Time-Independent Training in AR

Development of a virtual cooperative training room. This can be conceived as a live training room, enriched with virtual content and allowing for location independence.

AR as Sensor for Environment and Patient

The AR glasses should be used to give the patients hints which objects from the real scene can be used for the training sessions.

Wearables and Simulation

With the help of sensor data from wearables, simulation models are built that provide a representation of the user's behavior. These models will be used to support machine learning.


The first user study was successfully conducted with an augmented reality application and the results are being evaluated. With this video we would like to give a short insight into the study and the current status of our system.

Download Video in High Quality

Die Endevaluation des sensorgestützten Bewegungstrainings von BewARe an der Charité wird im Juni und Juli 2021 durchgeführt. Trotz pandemiebedingter Herausforderungen sind die ersten Eindrücke sehr positiv! Einen kleinen Einblick in das Training der Patienten möchten wir mit diesen Bildern geben.



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